Mind The Gap Consulting

“I love helping businesses increase valuation by improving their bottom line”
-Ami Patel, Founder

MISSION : To create value by consistently and cost effectively achieving the best possible outcomes for your company.

Ami Patel is a general counsel and corporate executive, who started Mind the Gap Consulting because she saw a need for on-demand, reasonably priced, highly experienced professionals who could execute at the intersection of business, law, and technology.

She knows first hand the burden of too few resources for heavy demand, the risks around critical initiatives without strong, capable leadership and the tension between receiving high quality professional services and constant budgetary constraints.  She’s built legal and technology sourcing functions, battled the tech giants and driven incredible results against m&a integration plans.  In over 25 years of working for sophisticated companies, she’s seen or done most everything at least once.

Whatever your challenge, Mind the Gap can help.

What We Do

Whether you need a fractional general counsel to help during early stages, a seconded resource to fill in during transition periods or a highly capable pair of hands to augment existing resources and capabilities, we have you covered.

We have strong, specialised domain knowledge in the following areas: