Companies at every stage of the business lifecycle have regular and diverse legal needs.  These needs include: setting up basic company templates (NDAs, MSAs, Independent Contractor Agreements), contract review and negotiations, employment issues, intellectual property, commercial real estate, litigation and even management of outside counsel spend. If you aren’t quite large enough to hire in-house or a general counsel to handle your needs and you are overspending on law firms for matters that don’t require specialised legal advise, Mind the Gap offers a flat monthly fee “fractional in-house counsel” service.

We believe there are many benefits of this model:

  • Instant professionalization of the function
  • Predictability with regard to legal spend
  • Fees commensurate with the type of work required
  • Accessibility to experienced legal counsel when necessary without anxiety related to cost
  • Hard cost savings with respect to outside counsel bills
  • Freedom to focus on other key leadership tasks

You’ll be surprised by how much value this service will deliver back to you.